Parents Tips So Relax & Not Authoritarian


As a parent, you certainly want your child grow up healthy and intelligent child. You also want your child always to avoid a hazard.

But because too worried about these things, you become too protective of children. In fact there are some parents who then over-dubbed as a parent.

As to whether parents are excessive? Reported by She Knows, excessive parents are those who try to teach their children many things since I was there in the womb. Parents are also obsessed with telling the child a variety of books and music intellectually, even before your baby can crawl.

Parents who are excessively obsessed for her child can quickly master any reason, always make sure everything is safe for their child so the child was not injured. To you who feel the parents like it, do not be too sad first.

The above can indeed occur without your awareness. As a parent, you are just trying to do the best for the little guy.

But you need to know if your child should also be freed to create their own. As a parent, you also need to learn to relax in the face of all things.

Here are tips for parents who do not become excessive:

1. Replace Anger with Love

When you get angry at your child, hug him directly. Instead you get the words out of anger or even beat, try to replace it with love emotions.

Response it would be better for you and your baby. The way it also means that you teach the child to deal with something with concrete actions, not words that are not clear.

2. Valentines & Awards

In everyday life with kids, mark this: treat children with love and cherish children. It seems trivial, yes, but sometimes parents forget to appreciate the kids because they were deemed to be small.

3. Do not expect Too High

Some parents expect their children to be smart academically, or master the sport. Yet hope is not necessarily the same as the wishes of children.

Parents are also trying to shape their children into a certain type of person, children cheerful, hardworking, diligent, and so forth. Once again, it's not necessarily appropriate to the nature of actual children.

Do not expect too high in children. Just enjoy your days with your child what it is.

4. Let the children play and explore

As a parent, you should try to not be too overprotective. Let children be children, what it is. Let them run, ride my bicycle, exploring nature, playing with fire. Of course, you have to teach them about safety and danger to be faced. But you still have to let the children act like children.

5. More Say 'Yes' Instead of 'No'

Instinctively, parents prefer to say''no 'rather than' yes' on their children. In fact the word 'no' it could be considered a child if you are too controlling.

Try not too much to say no to him. Give children freedom. But that does not also mean you should always agreed willingly. Change the word does not it become something more positive. For example: "Okay, you can play outside, but later after mom finished washing dishes."

6. Stop Trying to Teach Children In Overstated

Parents sometimes want to give their children a variety of knowledge. When in fact children can learn naturally, without having asked or forced to parents.

Never again force a child to learn something he did not really want. Encourage them to explore, read and find out for himself. Make a child happy or enthusiastic to something. When a child happy at what he does, he can learn.

Conversely, if you force him, the child will still do what you ask. But then, the child will not learn much, other than to understand if you are a parent who likes to control.

7. Stop for a moment & Put Yourself In Position Children

When you get angry at your baby, try to take a breath and thought for a moment. Then see the first problem that of spectacles children. You are angry because when it only see things from the perspective of parents. Though the child may have a different mind.

8. Relax

Finally, just enjoy every moment you are with your baby because they are not delayed in time. Without your awareness, the little we knew had grown into teenagers.

So, relax and be grateful for your solidarity with him and make every moment meaningful.
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