Fashion Show Anne Avantie fanfare in Kraton Surakarta


Sasana Sewaka Keraton Surakarta court on Friday (05/27/2011) really frenetic and bath lighting. Since its founding in 1745, probably the first time in these locations in such a festive event held taboo grazed court order itself.

Excitement that is the single performance by a leading designer, Anne Avantie. The event was opened by State Minister for Empowerment, Linda Gumelar, is entitled 'Anne, Love & Friends'. With the show, the designer of the 57-year mark 22 years of work in the fashion world by presenting the performance to the people who helped raise him when she was little and through adolescence in Solo.

As is typical of Anne during this, the design completely dominated kebaya. The model shown is from a young model like Atiqah Hasiholan, Arzeti, Ira Wibowo, until Marini, Widyawati, and Rima Melati. They strolled along Java musical nuance and keroncong typical arable Solo composer Rahayu Supanggah.

Also appearing Titiek singer, Vina Panduwinata, Kris Kristofferson, Waldjinah and several other local singers who enliven the stage that is designed on the sidelines of sapodilla tree kecik have hundreds of years old.

"At this time performance, to be honest I've never wanted to be assessed on the model or design. Completely I want to be assessed as a whole as an expression of my love to the loved ones who helped guide and raised me since a kid," said Anne before the event starts.

The stage used was no less spectacular. Page Sasana Sewaka Kraton Surakarta, fitted with a long stage as a catwalk. At the southern end of the stage was built replica Keputren wards, so as all displays appear and emerge from the princess.

Sasana Sewaka is one of the main building are very sacred palace. In a location that the king was sitting on a throne to receive the palace court employees who sit cross-legged beneath.

Never mind the prancing, walking strolled too taboo when people would pass through the building, as a mark of respect to the king, though the king was not in place. Never yell, just speak a little harsh would be reprimanded by his guards.

Anne was not arbitrary. He dared to use that location for the offer and the consent of East GKR, daughter Pakubowono Hangabehi XIII. After conducting surveys and to deepen the past three months, Anne decided to use the place.

"We adhere to all rules that are allowed and respect all that is prohibited. In fact, we also perform rituals that required the palace to us. This is part of our respect," said Anne.

East GKR also had his own reasons for offering these locations. He said the palace should start opening themselves accept outsiders who want to go to introduce a wider palace. By being more open then the palace will be counted as one of cultural icons.

"We feel highly benefited by this event. Mbak Anne was willing to fix a few locations in the palace that is outdated, including several buildings repainted. To be honest we did not have the funds for all that," East said.

As chairman of the committee, East Queen also claimed to have a compromise. Stage for example, should not be built higher than the floor Sewaka Sasana. Bleachers also should not be turned Sasana Sewaka and heritage in the room next door.

However, inevitably some parties in the palace of the performance measures considered disrespectful to the tradition. As part of the attitude of the tradition, some palace buildings should be respected if indeed all the family palace court will maintain the tradition that has been maintained for hundreds of years.

Anne certainly have the defense well. He said that openness is the beginning of the change. Which is maintained tradition does not mean to be frozen in rigid bonds.

He menyontohkan, when beginning a career many people who accuse him damaging grip kebaya. But far more people now who imitate if compared to those who menghujatnya first.

"Hopefully, the openness of this palace into line with the changing era. To the palace still remain part of the Solo and the changing times," he said.
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